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XVIII International Congress on Mathematical Physics
Santiago de Chile, July 27 - August 1, 2015

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Today Sunday July 26th, will be open the Registration of ICMP 2015 Conference from 17 to 19 hours

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Thematic Sessions

  1. Dynamical systems (including integrable systems) (Jan Kiwi, Alexander Veselov).
  2. Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics (including interacting particle systems) (Wojciech de Roeck, Fabio Toninelli).
  3. PDE (including fluid dynamics, wave equation and NLSE, Boltzmann equation, material science and Einstein equations) (Clément Muhout, Sylvia Serfaty).
  4. Stochastic models and probability (including Random Matrices, SLE, KPZ and S(P)DE's) (Ivan Corwin, Vladas Sidoravicius).
  5. Algebraic methods (including operator algebras, representation theory and algebraic aspects of QFT) (Anton AlexeevMartin Zirnbauer).
  6. Quantum mechanics and spectral theory (including random Schrödinger equation and quantum chaos) (Jonathan Breuer, Michael Loss).
  7. Quantum information and computation (Patrick Hayden, Mary Beth Ruskai).
  8. Quantum many-body theory and condensed matter physics (including applications of Quantum field theory to condensed matter) (Vieri Mastropietro, Simone Warzel).
  9. Quantum field theory (Alessandro Pizzo, Leonardo Rastelli).
  10. Geometry and topology in Physics (including string theory and quantum gravity) (Clifford V. JohnsonWashington Taylor).